I Love Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott Fans


  1. Because you’re a true fan and that?

  2. I don’t know if RVP’s kids are Muslim or not. I guess they probably are, because his son’s name is Shaqueel, which is an Islamic name. Robin isn’t Muslim though. He married his wife to be with her, because she is Muslim, and her culture says that she couldn’t live with him as her partner if they weren’t married. So RVP married her to respect her religion.

  3. ok maybe he didnt want to upset her or his kid could be muslim and wanted to bring him up proper religious .. so same principle stands

  4. For goodness sake….

    He isn’t a muslim, ok? His wife is.

  5. Now that’s true Gunner spirit, sharing the MOTM award with the team.

  6. six comments in a row started with RvP

  7. He said it because he is a muslim i think …

  8. Don’t leave

  9. RvP & Podolski Yeah! Premier Leeagues best attack duo easily !

  10. RVP and Podolski ugh. It’s going to be amazing.

  11. RvP owns,if he’s leavin. im going too

  12. RVP is so good with his words of encouragement to Theo 🙂

  13. RVP has been excellent, hopefully he can stay

  14. RVP is the man, one more year with him and we could win the league!!! Go on Arsenal offer him 100k a week he’s worth it!!!

  15. great rvp video you made. I recognise your name 🙂

  16. Why do people keep saying he wants to leave!? Van Persie certainly isn’t acting like somebody who wants to leave! He’s always protecting Theo and helping the younger players out and you can tell he loves Arsenal!
    I loved Fabregas but Van Persie is a much better captain than he ever was and I honestly believe he will stay because he loves London, this club and you can tell he really enjoys being the captain and main man.
    And I watched this at the Emirates, absolutely breathtaking! 😀

  17. Now that’s the very representation of a great captain! Leading by example and a team-player.

  18. Theo “You Know” Walcott

  19. Third place now! Bottomham are reverting back to their proper position, below us!

  20. Interviewer: “Theo Walcott, can you say “yeah” really enthusiastically please?”

    Theo: “1:39”

  21. You know…

  22. please don’t leave us rvp<3

  23. Theo said “you know” 23 times LOL:D

  24. The days 5pur2 got completely owned and embarrassed by arguably one of our weakest teams… One of the fucking best days EVER! Come on lads pip those fuckers to third.

  25. robin van persie- 2.8m
    theo walcott- 12m
    the look on “Arry’s face when arsenal scored their 5th- priceless