I Love Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott Fans


  1. Probably about the same

  2. IF Walcott or Agbonlahor?

  3. He can probably head because he can run really fast and then jump and push the defender out of the way cause he run SOO fast SOO he will jump higher

  4. Late reply lol – thanks 😀

  5. Was hoping you would share what crossing assistance are you using. Manual/semi/assisted?

  6. I double tap (X X) or Square Square depending what console you use 🙂

  7. Maybe, I’m pretty low on coins right now.

  8. can you do a jack wishere one please?

  9. Nice review, I did a review on him too 😀 Left a like :3

  10. Thanks :)

  11. nice video!!

  12. Thanks 😀

  13. I don’t know why it says what’s up guys at the end, sorry xD must have added it in on the editing software

  14. WOW Nice one!