I Love Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott Fans


  1. Nike is killing it with their adds….nice one. #nike

  2. It’s funny ’cause Walcott is injured 

  3. New England Football Kit by Nike

  4. This is Commercial!


  6. If it’s just a shirt, why all the fucking adverts

  7. i see what you did there

  8. I think we all know what he meant

  9. We get it, the shirt doesn’t do shit

  10. sim.

  11. You call that expensive? Look at Adidas

  12. the new england kit is terrible im definitely not buying it nike have
    really ruined it

  13. What they are trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how cool you look in
    the shirt; it matters how well you play in that shirt and if you live up to
    the clubs expectations.

  14. Can the retards amongst us cough’yanks’cough stop referring to football
    boots as soccer cleats and to a shirt to a jersey… Amen

  15. Love these ads 🙂

  16. thats it? wasting my time to watch walcott’s running…

  17. I will buy the Shirt and can i get a pace like Walcott?

  18. Then what?

  19. nothing against arsenal, but they didn’t even “produce” 2 of them, they
    bought walcott and chamberlain…

  20. Some dumb vids

  21. Spandex! LOL

  22. walcott is soofast! my mates say my playing style is similar to his