I Love Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott Fans


  1. aaron lennon

  2. Like fifa i think walcotts faster then lennon sorry 2 the fan boys

  3. Fast – Walcott- Bolt

  4. Hahahahahahaha nice try.

  5. no..

  6. the fucks thed difference?

  7. Ryo Miyaichi .
    Walcott = GARETH BALE !

  8. Too much Nike bullshit in this video. We just want to see the kid run.

  9. walcott is 0.04 faster than Lennon

  10. mmm walcott is fastest to the ball but lennon is fastest with the ball.

  11. walcott needs to play the position but would like to see ox player there

  12. over 100 1v1s where he panics and fucks up the ox should play striker

  13. hat trick for england?

  14. No football brain.

    Plenty of speed tho.

  15. he cant finish

  16. fastest with the ball but not quickest with the ball ;]

  17. Actually Lennon got 13.90, he was .04 seconds slower

  18. Play him as a striker when he becomes good at finishing. A few times he comes one on one with the keeper he messes up.

  19. aaron lennon was quicker. yid army!

  20. Sean Scanell did this test too. He managed 5.68 to the ball!

  21. He can’t cross to save his live atleast if he plays as a striker he can run round the keeper on run onto the through balls

  22. nope… winger is best… for his speed.. his shots are not that good but he has pace and assist

  23. hate the edition of the video

  24. He’s fast, but more impressively, he actually went the entire video without getting injured! I think that might be a record for him.

  25. The boots make like 0.05 secs impact, they really aren’t a big deal (unless you’re wearing clogs or wellys).