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Theo Walcott Fans


The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham was clearly shown and displayed not only by the fans that went to the Emirates Stadium in order to see their club face off in the FA Cup. Theo Walcott was removed from the match in a stretcher and as he was being taken off, he reminded everyone what the score was at that point by making hand gestures displaying a 2-0 score.


Tottenham Hotspurs fans responded by launching plastic bottles and coins at Walcott and ultimately it was the Englishman himself who did not enjoy the last laugh as his injury will be leaving him out of the playing grounds for the remainder of the season.


Not too long ago Jack Wilshere was sanctioned for displaying his middle finger to the Manchester City fans and the Football Association gave him a 1 match ban for his acts and now it is believed that the FA is taking a look at the gestures made by Walcott although it is unlikely that he will be charged.

“The doctor said coins were raining over his head while he was treating Theo on the pitch and he had to protect him,” said Arsene Wenger, “maybe that is why he did that.” The Arsenal manager added: “If the FA judge is it offensive what can I do but I don’t think he will be in trouble. What he did was not offensive. He does not look aggressive, he is smiling.”

Tottenham’s head coach Tim Sherwood said he had not seen the incident but he condemned any Tottenham fans who threw coins. “If they did that it is a problem.” As for Walcott’s gesture Sherwood said it was “maybe it was a bit of banter.”

Jack Wilshere made a statement about Walcott as he believes that his teammate Englishman will not be sanctioned.


Wilshere said: “I think they were giving him a bit of stick. He’s a bit smarter than me, I suppose! He’ll be an Arsenal legend now. That’s football.

“They were giving it to him and he’s given a little bit back. I think people have got to look at it as banter. The Arsenal fans will love that. They love Theo already and this is only going to help him.”

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