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Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal have not secured the Premier League title since 2004 when they claimed the trophy without losing 1 single match in the entire season with Thierry Henry earning the top goal scorer as he bagged 30 goals.

Despite their outstanding success in their league of that year, they have failed to secure any other significant silverware for the past few years. The head coach Arsene Wenger was under-fire on  a number of occasions due to his decisions regarding his squad and transfer windows in which they have seen some of the more important and key players of the team exiting the club and not making a substantial replacement player.

The most noticeable players were Robin Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas. Even though the Dutch striker was proclaimed as the top goal-scorer during his last season with Arsenal a switch to Manchester United was still made.

Their nearest rivals Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have enjoyed more active transfer windows in comparison to Arsenal with more players being signed in as each season passed on meanwhile the complete opposite has been happening for the club that was founded in Woolwich.

It came as a shocker to many people when Mesut Ozil signed for in September 2nd of 2013 with a transfer fee believed to be around £42.5 million for a five-year deal.

Even though they have only made 1 big signing out of the latest years they have made a very surprising start of this season surpassing every other team in the Premier League and claiming the 1st spot with 22 points.

Although they are facing tough competition in their Champions League in their Group F as they share the same amount of points as Napoli and Borussia Dortmund. The next matches will be the difference in advancing into the next rounds of the tournament or being left out at these early stages.

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