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  1. The sad part is, this is all he has done for the season. In a two minute wrap, he needs to be more active.

  2. thanks 😀

  3. he is impruveing so much ! next season he will be best winger in epl i am 100% sure !

  4. I remember watching the Chelsea game live. Literally squirted when he did that. 1:45

  5. Well done! AFC FOREVER

  6. Nice man

  7. yeah mate , thanks ! will do !

  8. Yeah, I have no problem with you using clips in my match comps (i.e. AOC vs Man Utd or whatever) just as long as people don’t use clips from my videos on my cwdcomps channel!

    I just think you’d get more recognition for your videos if you tried to be more original and do something new. There’s millions of songs in the world so no need to use the same ones others have!

  9. Oh thanks mate , u are my idol , i know abouth the songs … but when i like the song i make a video with it 🙂 just like my aoc vid (not so good edit,was more to show his skills ) and i took many clips from u ! U help Arsenal editors a lot ! One of if not the best Arsenal editor !

  10. Beast!!

  11. Nice video mate. Nice cutting and good to see a video of Theo’s best bits. Think you should be a little more original with your song choices though as so far you’ve copied a lot of other Arsenal comp maker’s choices.

  12. you sir are making some damn good videos

  13. he has been one of the most important player in the team in the last few years he could have left the team like fab and nasri but choose to stay if i was the board i would have gave him those 80k
    look at the team today go to the arsenal facebook fan page so called fans calling the players bad and telling them to leave they want to replace them i dont see how can they be consistent if the fans dont believe in them

  14. consistency? really i cant understand you people you want him to play 10/10 good games no player can do that i never said hes the greatest of all time but maybe of the fans have faith in him he will become some time he got talent and skill and the reason he wants to play down the middle is because thats were he played before coming to arsenal and he thinks he can preform better in that position

  15. thanks for making

  16. I disagree, he only shows glimpses of greatness, no consistency. And the thing is, he always says he wants to play down the middle, but he has not earned the right too. And then he has the cheek to demand over 80,000 a week. Its wrong, i thought Theo was a great person and player however this last year has proved me wrong:/

  17. he deserves number 14 and dont compare rvp and walcott both are great and they dont even play in same position

  18. Hero

  19. thanks mate 😉

  20. very great video and a good song 🙂

  21. quality video and quality song choice dude

  22. малаца