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  1. when Theo is playing at his best the left back might aswell just sit on the side line and have a cup of tea, he gave up being a 100m sprinter to play football his pace is unreal he’d shit on bibiany and marvell wynn don’t believe what you see on fifa lads.

  2. Loved the flashback thingy at 2:47. From the the miss in the 1st leg 🙂 nice one

  3. amazing video for a amazing player

  4. video is good but song is shit

  5. Awesome work man, you should put watermarks on your vids, stops people from stealing your pure genius. I like your vids because they are not over exagerrated with effects and they have good footage.

  6. sub me please

  7. Thank you for upload this!

  8. His best two games this season were probably the Chelsea game and the Newcastle game. He was amazing in those two.

    Great video, by the way.

  10. lol

  11. Agreed. This was his first full season without injury, too. Something solid to build on.

  12. Best season in his career imo, hope he will be even better next season.

  13. He really only had one bad part of the season which was during the christmas period when he missed the Wolves game through illness then after the Tottneham game he was on point again he was electric vs newcastle

  14. There’s two games left in the season arsenal are in the champions league next, give van persie a rest, and just let this guy play centre foward just once he’s always talking about it let’s see what he can do

  15. Another masterpiece of a video by cwdcomps. imo walcott’s problem is that he was overused by Wenger for the whole season, he is best when fresh and rdy to unleash all that speed against his opp. However he had to play 80-90 mins every 3 days and that is probably why he had subpar and inefficient performances as frequently as his good performances

  16. He doesnt need to be skilful look at Valencia but he has added a bit more flair and trickery which is good now if he does it 3 or 4 out 5 matches then he will bw=ecome world class

  17. Walcott’s problem was never with skill, it’s with consistency.

  18. Best Video of Walcott shows his qualities he is more important for Arsenal and England than people think

  19. great vid!!!!

  20. Theo Walcott Please Stay At Arsenal . . young Talent & You Speedy Demon Brother !!!!!!

  21. Is this a Walcott or a van Persie video? ^^

  22. Fastest Motherf**ker alive!!!

  23. alex

  24. thanks 🙂 wonderful video never saw such a godd video on yt 😉