I Love Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott Fans


  1. 3:00 Haha, that block from Van Persie. :D

  2. Louis Hamilton of Football

  3. KSI Song 🙂

  4. thumbs up if you heard this song from KSIOlajidebt

  5. look it up he could of been a sprinter. Im not too sure why i put he gave up sprinting probs the weed going to my head my bad!

  6. Where did you get that information from? He has played football all his life, never sprinting.

  7. ninis

  8. Walcott

  9. nani?

  10. he gave up 100m sprinting to be a footballer, why walcott you could be giving usain bolt a run for his money. this guy if you’ve ever seen him in a game how fast he is its unreal!

  11. Walcottisnt a footballer, he’s a runner.

  12. hahaha 

  13. what are you doing there? get out immediately from trophyless club

  14. welbot

  15. osoba nie myśląca na pałe biegająca

  16. he got insane stats but still could do better

  17. when hes good, damn…but when hes bad, damn~~

  18. wow saw fabregas he was a legend in Arsenal and now hes another barcelona twat

  19. He assists when he wants, he assists when he waaaaaaantsss, THEO WALCOTT, he assists when he wants.

  20. catch him if you can…


  22. yes he’s not as good as messi, but he is still a very good player. people usually expect so much from him cause of some of the wonderful performances he gave in some games, and when he doesnt give something special every game, ppl criticise him. and dont forget, he is still quite a young player.

  23. walcott is vapor speed

  24. WALCOTT !! <3

  25. he really suck in real life. valencia is alot better. fastets football player alive with the ball and better at everything