I Love Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott Fans


  1. Van persie s evry1s favourite, but theo is also amazing! Dnt know who the criticism is comin from..

  2. It just show what a great club we support 😉

  3. If you think theo is illiterate i dont think he would be an author then so…..

  4. Robin, you are class, Theo you were brilliant and Spurs, well, they’re still shit!

  5. stop hatin on Theo @@! ..

  6. @minnwaiyan
    He’s not a good speaker, You Know :p
    But HE CAN SCORES , You know :p
    He GAVE lots of ASSISTs, You know :p
    I believe in him, You know :p
    Trust me, You know :p

    Aaaahhh I love you, Theo “You Know” Walcott 🙂

  7. Watching this makes me think that RVP is still happy at Arsenal and committed to the club. Hopefully he signs that contract!

  8. Rosicky earned the man of the match hands down

  9. Yes, Theo i know!

  10. RVP is a true captain!!!

  11. We Love u Arsenal!

  12. Same old story everytime!

    Reporter gives motm-bottle to RVP, tells him to give it t theo so that he can it back to RVP,
    RVP tells him to keep it because its for the whole team!

    How many times have this happend this season?

  13. 5PUR2

  14. i would love to give a high 5 2 wenger right now

  15. Give This Comment 5-2 Likes 😀

  16. love it <3

  17. I’d give a high 5-2 any Spurs fan right now

  18. you know..