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Walcott speaks about MLS soccer

Theo Walcott stated that the level of MLS football is constantly improving and that they are close to Premier League standard.

The Arsenal forward was speaking ahead of a game that will see the Premier League side face an MLS All-Star side. Theo Walcott believes that the MLS is developing well and it soon it will be able to challenge the European leagues for the best players.

He said that there is plenty of quality players that have left England and other European leagues and come and play in the MLS, and this has contributed to improving the level of football in the States. He said that there are many proofs that the MLS football is developing well and gaining momentum.

Theo Walcott stated that when he was a kid, he always heard about the NBA All-Stars team and now that there is an All-Star team for the MLS this is evidence that the game has developed well in the United States. He believes that there should be more games like these so as to show the MLS fans what the Premier League is all about and hopefully this can contribute to the development of the sport even more.

Theo Walcott is motivated ahead of the new season. The player has enjoyed a poor run last season with only 16 starts with the Gunners because of injuries. He wants to believe that with a good pre-season behind him he will be able to enjoy a good run this season. With several forward players coming back late because of their participation at the Euros and Copa America, Theo Walcott will have a great opportunity to demonstrate what he can do up front.

At the moment he wants to focus on his training and make sure he is ready for the start of the Premier League.

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