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England’s forward Theo Walcott, was attacked suddenly post the Tottenham Arsenal game by three, leaving the supporters shocked. Three men have been accused to have attacked the twenty four year old player are being still searched by Police. While the forward was being taken off the field on a stretcher post his knee injury he was badly pelted using coins on 4th of January at Emirates Stadium while the North London Derby was going on. Besides Walcott, the staffs from St John Ambulance and the stewards were also badly hit while carrying the former.


In retaliation to the misbehavior Walcott was seen to gesture a 2-0 with his hand towards the coin attackers, showing off the score at the end of the 3rd round draw in FA Cup with a big smile. Nevertheless courtesy his injured knee, the forward player seems to be completely off the field and out of any action nearly for six long months and hence will not be able to attend the 2014 World Cup to be held in Brazil. Scotland Yard on Monday release hazy images of the attackers who are being suspected to have pelted Theo Walcott. The forces reported that during the game 3 individuals from a crowd of Tottenham supporters suddenly attacked the Arsenal forward player along with the stewards and medical staff with coins and different missiles while he was on stretcher.  Out of four medical staff two confessed that they were injured as well carrying the player off the field.


Fortunately the 3 men have been finally indentified by the Metropolitan Police officers and will be contacted soon by them. Anyone with any information on the same has been asked to call 07769241315 and get in touch with the Public Order Crime Investigation Squad.

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