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Arsene Wenger reckons that the Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs still has a bit of football left in him and he can keep playing for a few more years.

Giggs who has recently become 40 years of age has already made more than 650 Premier League appearances for the Red Devils and he is still going strong.

During his 26 years tenure at Old Trafford, Giggs has won a number of titles and many experts consider him the greatest player who has ever played in the Premier League.

When asked about Giggs the other day, Wenger said, “Ryan is a great player not only because of his quality, but, because of his consistency as well. His record is amazing.”

“To keep playing for so many years and to keep putting up quality performances, it’s not easy. You need to be passionate to do that and Ryan has certainly got that quality. And, the most impressive thing about him is that his fitness has not deteriorated even a single bit. The agility that he shows on the ground at this age, it’s really special.”

When asked if he thinks that Giggs can continue playing in top flight for a few more years, Wenger said, “Yes, I think so. The way he is playing at the moment, it doesn’t seem that he would quit in near future.”

Giggs is one of those guys who have played almost all their football at one club. He had arrived at Old Trafford as a 14 years old boy way back in 1987 and he has remained there since then.

Giggs’ contract at Manchester United is going to expire at the end of this season, but, the kind of form he has shown so far, one should not be surprised if he gets a contract extension.


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