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Theo Walcott’s Live Interview Interrupted by His Kids


Theo Walcott was live on talk SPORT along with Everton and he was interrupted by his own kids asking him to leave the interview. He was live with Jim white and Martin Keown to discuss the FA CUP but got disturbed by the kids. Walcott was phoned in while he was enjoying his vacation with his family and his two sons were sounding much during the live interview while one of them tried to snatch his dad. 

He said during the interview in a laughing voice that “I tell you what, this must be first. I am just now over the air on the net and just spending time with the kids. This is truly fearful” He has also said “though, it is quite imperative and one of them is saying that he just plans to get down. He has also said to me to come out and want to have my breath properly”.

Theo Walcott is the former Arsenal man who has enough records in FA Cup. He knows a lot of things and the club is going to create history by winning the cup for the 14th time where he was one. Theo had occupied and lifted the cup 3 times while he was in Arsenal and he actively dismissed any allegation regarding the current day players have lost the appetite for the tournament. However, he admitted that his Everton teammates would love to see the winner of the cup.

He said to the talkSPORT host Jim White that “Being an English player it was always a great experience to play for the FA Cup and it was truly outstanding to lift the cup three times. He further said in that interview, people shouldn’t think that his passion has reduced. The truth is that he is still passionate to see good football for his favorite team.

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