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Walcott Turns 30

As Walcott turns 30 the experts give a run up on his progress so far. Being a star player from the Arsenal ranks he has probably still a few years in which he can move higher on his potential. The call up that happened for the England World Cup might have put a deterrent to his progress as many states.

Having started from the ranks of Everton, Theo Walcott is now 30 years of age. He burst into the scene at the age of 16 and since then his form, as well as consistency has been developing but many feel that he could do better. He had a spell of twelve seasons at Arsenal, this lead to his participation in two FA cups. However, till then, he netted about 65 goals for the Premier League which amount to 5.4 in every season. When he was in Everton he struggled to stay consistent. In 2019 he has played for a total of 90 minutes. These comprise of three goals, two assists in total all season. It could be said that he is not being able to deliver.

He was signed up for £20million and for that amount he is definitely being seen as someone with potential. However, end results need to show more. Indeed, the fans also feel that he needs to put himself more out there. The last month’s game between Everton and Wolves which resulted in a loss for Everton at a score of 3-1, led to jokes that the stray cat that had come into the field at Goodison Park probably had run more than Walcott did. It is a reflection that Walcott is back at the crossroads again. There are other instances of his luck or intrepid career decisions such as not playing a single match or going off the bench in the year 2006.

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