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Theo Walcott blames himself for Arsenal’s draw against Manchester United

Arsenal travelled to Old Trafford on November 19 as they faced off with Manchester United in a match that resulted in a 1-1 draw as each team secured 1 point from this encounter.

When the game was over and the referee blew the final whistle, Theo Walcott accepted responsibility for Manchester United’s goal as it was scored by Juan Mata and Walcott had the job of properly marking him in that particular moment but the Englishman failed to do it.

At the 68th minute, a pass was slipped in the middle of Arsenal’s own half and Juan Mata ran upfront before knocking it into the net of David de Gea and Theo Walcott was seen trying to make it in time to cover Juan Mata but Walcott did not arrive in time.

‘’I’m just disappointed with Mata’s goal because my positioning on the goal was disappointing from my side of it because, defensively, I want to cover that. I’ve been doing that all season. I know that Mata was my man to get in there and stop from scoring. So from a personal perspective, that’s very disappointing for myself’’ Arsenal’s Theo Walcott said after the match reached it’s end.

Theo Walcott recently picked up a toe injury which left him out of action and unable to play for Arsenal’s latest Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain which was played on November 23 and concluded in a 2-2 tie.

In 11 of the opening Premier League matches of the season that Theo Walcott has played so far, he has managed to score 5 goals which is impressive for him as the Englishman in previous seasons has failed on scoring so much but in the current 2016-17 season he has already managed to do it and there are many more matches left to be played.

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