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Walcott expresses his thoughts about what Arsenal needs to improve

Arsenal’s search for the Premier League title seems to be an endless one as the English outfit has always managed to do an impressive run in the top tier English League but they just fail to deliver that final push that is needed to clinch the silverware that just slips away from the hands of Arsene Wenger.

During the 2015-16 season of the Premier League, Arsenal came 2nd with only a few points behind Leicester City. In the season prior to that one, Arsenal snatched the 3rd position.

Theo Walcott has been wearing the Arsenal jersey since January of 2006 and the English player has voiced his thoughts concerning what the team needs in order to win more games and hopefully win the highly coveted Premier League silverware.

“We haven’t started the second halves very well. In previous games leading up now, we have actually played better in the second half and been on the front foot but yesterday we were on the back foot and obvious Man City dominated the ball’’

“We didn’t create any chances in the second half to be honest so are disappointed in that sense but you have got to give credit to City because they played some very good football at times and we found that difficult.”

According to Theo Walcott, one of the things that Arsenal could really improve is in relation to how they start the 2nd halves of matches. The 27 year old English player also talked about Arsenal’s match against Manchester City which was played on December 18 of 2016 and resulted with City edging out a 2-1 triumph.

Walcott went on saying that Manchester City dominated the ball in the 2nd half and that this should not be a trend that continues going on with other clubs as Arsenal can’t afford to lose their ground in the 2nd half of matches and drop points.


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