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Theo Walcott Hopes For Top 4 With Everton This Season

Theo Walcott, the Everton forward claims that his team can complete the season’s Premier League in the top 4 posts the Toffees grabbed outstanding back-to-back victories. The Toffees managed to pick up 6 points out of 6 as they defeated Leicester City and Fulham post a poor beginning, which made them achieve only one of the opening 6 games. Now, their consecutive wins make them achieve 11th in the Premier league 6 points off Arsenal at the top 4.

During the last season, Everton completed 8th with a replacement in the managerial post which saw Ronald Koeman replaced by Sam Allardyce in 2017. Walcott spoke about his hopes for the new season and said he is hoping for top 4 finishes this time. He also said that goal has been set really high and he is positively minded which will help them go in the progressing direction. The forward from Everton, joined the club at the beginning of the year as he moved to Goodison Park post 12 years of his tenure at Arsenal. Walcott has scored twice till now in this season and has featured in all league games till now.

Walcott said it that it is not so difficult for Toffees to target the other European destinations. The team has to simply begin to turn those draws into victories as per the forward. The team is not far off and Walcott doesn’t really think they are. It is close to 12 years that Everton completed in the top 4 when the team was guided by David Moyes featuring Mikel Arteta. Everton will host the Crystal Palace in 21st October post the international break prior to the trip to face Manchester United at Old Trafford. The ambitions of the team will definitely be tested then and Walcott is hopeful that his team would perform brilliantly.

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